Summer 2014 Workshop

Workshop Dates: July 21-August 15, 2014

California And Denmark Are Leading The World In Renewable Energy Solutions

The challenges posed by global climate changes, scarce natural resources, and the volatility of the international energy market require targeted action towards finding technologically, economically and socially viable solutions based on renewable energy (RE) sources.

The US-Denmark Summer Workshop on Renewable Energy is a unique educational initiative developed by leading universities in Denmark and California. The four-week workshop starts with one week of online preparation and continues with three weeks of lectures, seminars and field trips in California. Participants will learn about the economics, politics, science, and technology behind RE implementation from leading experts, while exploring communities and relevant energy sites where such technology is in place or currently being implemented. The interdisciplinary approach and holistic perspective allows students with various academic backgrounds to interact and develop concrete final project ideas, while targeting today’s energy problems from different angles.

2014 Workshop Overview

 UC Santa Cruz Introductory Lecture: Professor Kurt Kornbluth

Cost Analysis: Professor Bryan Jenkins

 PG & E Lecture with Ryan Stroupe

 UC Santa Cruz Campus

Santa Cruz Municipal Wharf Tour 

 Watsonville Water Resource Center Field Trip


 Dynegy Moss Landing Power Plant Tour

Makani Power Field Trip

UC Davis Campus