UC Santa Cruz


The mission of the Jack Baskin School of Engineering at UC Santa Cruz is to develop and sustain first-rate education and research programs that integrate the fundamental principles and sound practice of science and engineering.

The School strives to serve the needs of the greater Silicon Valley region and the State of California by creating and disseminating knowledge through research and teaching, and by offering curricula that nurture creative thinking and prepare our students for productive careers at industrial and academic settings in rapidly evolving areas of science and engineering.

The Center for Sustainable Energy and Power Systems (CenSEPS) is poised to become a major hub for innovation in emerging clean energy technologies and tackling the challenges of energy sustainability. The Center explores the societal implications of new renewable energy technologies as well as prepares a new generation of 21st century engineers and scientists to address the problem of more efficient energy use with minimal carbon footprint. We promote and integrate the use of renewable energy technology to create sustainable communities and renewable energy districts.