Final Deliverable


Please follow the survey link to submit your evaluations of the program before departure on Wednesday.

We need this feedback to make next year's program even better.

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Monday August 15, 2 pm in the West Village.

Each team will be allotted TEN minutes for their presentations; followed by twenty minutes for discussions.

The format is as follows: 

  1. Names and Introduction*     
  2. Background: client request*
  3. Problem statement with scope of work*
  4. Methodology and Analysis
  5. Results
  6. Discussion
  7. Recommendations and/or Future Work

* Together these slides should take no more than three minutes

The bulk of the presentation should be on information not previously covered during the week; what is new and relevant for the faculty to know about your project? This means the introductory slides should not take more than two minutes to present. The goal of this presentation is to allow mentors to give feedback on your method before delivering your final report to the client.

Please refer to the outline for formatting of your final Extended Executive Summary and here for bibliograhpy format


Project Teams: