Presentations and Lectures

August 1:

  • Introductions: US-Denmark Summer Course on Renewable Energy PDF
  • Milestones (Description and Due Date) PDF

August 2: 

  • Group Assignments PDF
  • Project Framing Activity PDF
  • Arne Remmen: Smart Energy System; Combining Electrical Engineering and Renewable Energy PDF
  • Josh Morejohn:
    • Transforming Occupants into a Low-Cost & High-Accuracy Sensor System PDF
    • Campus Energy Overview PDF
    • Energy @ UC Davis PDF

August 3:

  • Pensini: Modeling the Bornholm Microgrid with HOMER Pro PDF
  • Lipschutz: The Demand Side: Why energy users don't behave the way they are supposed to PDF
  • Dominique: Practicing Energy in California PDF
  • Adabi: Economic Real-Time Energy Management via NILM PDF
  • Mantey: Microgrids, Renewable Generation, Electric Power Resiliency PDF

August 5: Jenkins: Levelized Cost Analysis PDF; Economic Calculator of Generic Revenue XLS

August 8:

  • Lehmann: Smarter Cities PDF
  • Remmen: Sustainable Buildings PDF

August 9: Phillips: Role of UCOP and Carbon Neutrality in the UC System

August 10:

  • Kornbluth: Energy Power, Efficiency, and UC Davis Program for International Energy Technology PDF
  • Wiryadinata: Methodologies of Calculating Performance of Selected Power Systems PDF