Online Preparation and Project Descriptions

Please review all materials on this page and literature associated with one project description (your choice)

Complete the pre-course assignment prior to 3pm (PST) July 31, 2016.


  • GPS Youtube On Denmark Video
  • Solar Power In Germany Video

      Energy Consumption and Social Practice Further Reading

  • Sustainable Campuses PDF
  • Inconvenient Calculations: Estimating the cost of energy PDF
  • Persuasive Technologies for Human Well-being PDF
  • Energy Consumption and Everyday Life PDF
  • New Neeeds for Better Understanding of Household's Energy Consumption PDF

      Political Landscape for Green Energy Further Reading

  • Accelerating Green Energy Towards 2020 PDF
  • Danish Energy: Power to the People PDF
  • Smart Energy Europe: Technical and Economic Impact of 100% Renewable Energy PDF
  • 2030 California Governor's Goals PDF
  • Roadmap for Repowering California with Wind, Water, and Sunlight PDF
  • NRDC: Scaling up California's Energy Efficiency to Save Money and Reduce Pollution PDF

      Renewable Energy Solutions Further Reading

  • The Bornholm Power System Overview PDF
  • Optimizing Wind Energy for a Small Hybrid Wind/Diesel Grid in Galapagos Islands PDF
  • CA-ISO: Demand Response and Energy Efficiency Roadmap PDF
  • Integrating High Levels of Renewables into Microgrids PDF
  • Smart Energy Systems for Coherent 100% Renewable Energy and Transport Solutions PDF
  • Global Agriculture: Industrial Feedstocks for Energy and Materials PDF
  • Getting Stared with HOMER Pro